Duel Toys 2

Beta 1.4

Battles between your favourite anime and videogame characters



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Duel Toys 2 is an action and adventure game in a world where youngsters confront each other in 'duel toys' combat. Those toys are action figures of your favorite cartoon and videogame characters ready to take lives in combat.

So, during the story mode you can go through different stages and challenge other youngsters, so that you can use your dolls against them in fierce battles. As you win battles, you will also gain new 'duel toys' that you can use in your next fights.

Among the dolls you'll have at your disposal you will find some famous ones such as Solid Snake, Son Goku, Naruto, Batman, Iron Man, Indiana Jones, Ryu, Ken or even Michael Jackson himself. All of them will be at your disposal with their respective special attacks.

Duel Toys 2 is a very entertaining fighting game that apart from story mode also has an arcade mode to throw them in the ring without thinking. There is even a category for two players that allows you to have battles with your friends.
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